Music and Mimi

Finally got the time to share photos of my polymer clay MTOs! It has been quite a while since I last posted.

One of my friends talked me into making this pendant for her. One of my first tries at polymer clay.

And here's another one.

That's a little guitar, alright. I had a hard time shaping those little note charms. Where there's will, there's always a way. Thanks a lot to headpins!

That's the other half of the bracelet. When worn, the bracelet looks like this:

Have a nice day!
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Summer Babies

I haven't been doing a lot of things lately.  Been busy bonding with friends and family. But here are a few polyclay chibis I made last summer.  These beach babies all sold out. =)

With flowers in their wind-blown hair and colorful surfboards, they are ready to hit the beach!

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baby, baby!

I have been really busy lately. Work tied me up in front of my PC for longer hours a day, and yet I couldn't find one sec to update this blog. I'm glad I still have a few finished projects I haven't shared with you before. These are for the little babes.

Little ballerina shoes for baby. I forgot to draw a diagram for this one.

This headband is knitted.  The flower is done in crochet. 

I miss my hooks! I wish I could start again after a few weeks. By the way, here's where I have been the past weekend. Relaxing to be away from the busy life for a while.

Sugarcane! And a road to the middle of nowhere. =)
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my first shrug

i finished this black shrug months ago.  this was my first try ever.  for this one, i used an unusual stitch i found while browsing the net.  for now, i'm still trying to figure out how to crochet and keep my dimensions correct.  this shrug, supposedly, should fit me.  but it didn't, haha!!!

no front views, though. my niece who modeled it for me is kinda shy. i should get me a mannequin.
happy weekend!
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back, again =)

i'm just glad to be back again.  i didn't notice i have been busy for months.  i just thought you might want to see what i have "managed" to squeeze in to my otherwise busy life.

i'm back trying to make headbands out of the motifs in one of the books my friend Liz gave me.  and, yeah, i am really hoping for more time to catch up with projects i want to make.

 for a closer look

 and for some color

and one for baby's head

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my spirit soars,
like a phoenix
          to be alive again...

your kiss
     is like a breath of life.
i awake
     to taste my saving grace.

hold me
     like i'd be gone tomorrow...

feel me
     like blood pulsating through your veins

lure me...
dare me...
excite me...

make me burn!

make me yours!

and i'll be, until...

                                                                                          -28th, Sept. 2006
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Love! love! love!

There's so much love around me. Hmmm, and I have much love to give.

Love is the theme of my little niece's art.

Love is the theme of these clay MTOs.

And I love these gifts from Luisa. =) Thanks a lot, Liz!

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I have this addiction to preloved items, translated as "ukay" in our Visayan dialect. While going through the PhP 10 pile of preloved shirts and blouses, I found this shirt.

Need I say I bought it? Weeeeee!
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stitching xs

Been quite busy lately.  My goal to stitch at least 200 x's wasn't met.  To my dismay, I have five WIPs in cross stitch now.  And two more WIPs in painting to stitch pattern conversion (too ambitious, LOL!).  You see I found a free trial of pic-to-pattern software online, and went gaga for a few days over it trying so hard to squeeze as many floss colors as I can in one pattern.  Until my eyes hurt.

I managed to take a picture of one of my stitching WIPs.  I bought this pattern from a local craft shop years ago. This is Azalea Path by Leonard Wren.

I do hope my stitches will fill up this week.  =)  
God Bless!
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Crochet Headband

Summer heat makes us women and girls alike want to keep our hair off our faces. I personally like headbands.  Here's a glimpse of what I have been busy with.

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sweet time

When I'm not at the shop, not with my hook or my clay, you'll see me in our little kitchen making these sweets.  My home-made pastillas is made of butter and milk, and more milk, cooked over slow fire.

Have a nice day!
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Boy Meets Girl

It sure isn't the love month, we do looove to be in love everyday. =)

In celebration of love, I call this clay charm "united colors of the heart".  Sometimes I call it sticker heart as the design was copied from an emo sticker pack.

The following clay creations are now part of true love stories.

Love, love, love, everyone!
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little shop of happiness

For the past few months, I have been spending my days inside this little shop.  I personally call it my little shop of happiness - a place where i can explore my craft and share it with others.
 This is my niece, Fiona, playing with the wind chimes hanging on the entrance.  That's my "clutter" table in pink.

These crochet flower strings on my window are so homey to look at.

My first attempt at painting. :) 

These are just some of the bead earrings that I have been making.

See you at the store!
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3D flipflops

For quite a while I have been searching for 3D beaded flipflop pattern. When I couldn't find one online, I decided to make my own using right-angle beading.

It was difficult, considering the fact that I am new to the craft. Using 4mm bi-cones and right-angle beading, I had to draw a diagram with each bead I put into it.  The first one I made was a square-shaped flipflop, and I didn't like it all. I ended up, doing it again trying to make it more "shapely".

Here's my bi-cone flipflop, barely 2 inches long.  This is made up of two soles joined together using seedbeads in still in right angle.

I realized the with slight alteration to the diagram I made, seed beads and round beads can also be used for this.

Below are pictures of me starting out on a new sole, and soles waiting for their to be "sewn" over their "pairs"(errr, am not so familiar with beading terminologies).

Presently, I am still figuring out how to draw the pattern (not by hand) I made so I can freely share it with you. 

Have a happy weekend!

Have you wondered why I have been posting in large font size? Eye care, bigger font, less eyestrain. =)
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