my first shrug

i finished this black shrug months ago.  this was my first try ever.  for this one, i used an unusual stitch i found while browsing the net.  for now, i'm still trying to figure out how to crochet and keep my dimensions correct.  this shrug, supposedly, should fit me.  but it didn't, haha!!!

no front views, though. my niece who modeled it for me is kinda shy. i should get me a mannequin.
happy weekend!
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back, again =)

i'm just glad to be back again.  i didn't notice i have been busy for months.  i just thought you might want to see what i have "managed" to squeeze in to my otherwise busy life.

i'm back trying to make headbands out of the motifs in one of the books my friend Liz gave me.  and, yeah, i am really hoping for more time to catch up with projects i want to make.

 for a closer look

 and for some color

and one for baby's head

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