my spirit soars,
like a phoenix
          to be alive again...

your kiss
     is like a breath of life.
i awake
     to taste my saving grace.

hold me
     like i'd be gone tomorrow...

feel me
     like blood pulsating through your veins

lure me...
dare me...
excite me...

make me burn!

make me yours!

and i'll be, until...

                                                                                          -28th, Sept. 2006
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Love! love! love!

There's so much love around me. Hmmm, and I have much love to give.

Love is the theme of my little niece's art.

Love is the theme of these clay MTOs.

And I love these gifts from Luisa. =) Thanks a lot, Liz!

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I have this addiction to preloved items, translated as "ukay" in our Visayan dialect. While going through the PhP 10 pile of preloved shirts and blouses, I found this shirt.

Need I say I bought it? Weeeeee!
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stitching xs

Been quite busy lately.  My goal to stitch at least 200 x's wasn't met.  To my dismay, I have five WIPs in cross stitch now.  And two more WIPs in painting to stitch pattern conversion (too ambitious, LOL!).  You see I found a free trial of pic-to-pattern software online, and went gaga for a few days over it trying so hard to squeeze as many floss colors as I can in one pattern.  Until my eyes hurt.

I managed to take a picture of one of my stitching WIPs.  I bought this pattern from a local craft shop years ago. This is Azalea Path by Leonard Wren.

I do hope my stitches will fill up this week.  =)  
God Bless!
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