Catching Up

Yey! In a few days I'd be able to catch up with my WIPs. Sure, I'd miss my students for a few weeks but I could use some free time for my life's passions.

For the past few days, I have been spending my coffee and lunch breaks on a tee pattern by Pierrot Yarns.  The pattern, Beauty Silk Cotton Tee, can be found in Ravelry and also in Pierrot Yarns' free pattern site.  The tee is made up of lacy, daisy-centered motifs.  I think this would look better if a thin yarn is used for the project, but of course, would take longer to make.
In the above photo, I used Cannon mercerized cotton crochet thread and an IMIA 4 crochet hook.  I still have to work on my tension and gauge though.  It's not that neat to look at, uhmmm, not yet!  But I'm looking forward to actually finish this project before June. Wish me luck on that, ha ha!

Aside from this, I have been working on coin purses, again.  I will share the pics once I put the last stitches on its lining, errr... Soon!

Oh, before I forget, I found some jute strings for garden use ( as the label says), but I think this would be useful in some crochet projects, don't you think? (*wink!)
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